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CPT: MeaningCategory
CPTCurrent procedural terminologyhealthcare
CPTContingency Planning TeamAcronym
CPTCape Town International Airport[Cape Town, South Africa]IATA Airport Code
CPTCurrent Procedural TerminologyChemistry abbreviations
CPTComputerized Performance TestEducational abbreviations
CPTColor Palette Tablecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CPTCaptainMilitary abbreviations
CPTCockpit Procedures TrainerMilitary abbreviations
CPTCommon Procedural TerminologyMilitary abbreviations
CPTCrisis Planing TeamMilitary abbreviations
CPTCrisis Planning TeamMilitary abbreviations
CPTCross Product TeamMilitary abbreviations
CPTComputerized Placement TestUniversity abbreviations
CPTCurricular Practical TrainingUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cpt

  • CFIT- Controlled flight into terrain
  • CVT- Controlled variable time
  • Capt- Captain
  • CBT- Computer Based Training
  • CFT- Cockpit Familiarization Trainer
  • CPhT- Certified pharmacy technician
  • CAFAD- Combined Arms For Air Defence
  • CAFDE- Canadian Association of Film Distributors and Exporters
  • CBOT- Chicago Board of Trade
  • CEPT- Conférence européenne des administrations des postes et des télécommunications (French, "European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations")
  • CFHT- Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
  • COFT- Conduct Of Fire Trainer (military)
  • CPD- Capabilities Production Document
  • CAPD- Central auditory processing disorder
  • CGBD- Corticobasal ganglionic degeneration