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C.R.M.: Meaning Category
C.R.M. Clerici Regulares Minores ("Clerks Regular Minor", Mariani) ecclesiastical
CrM: Meaning Category
CrM Crisis Management Military abbreviations
CRM: Meaning Category
CRM Composite risk management (US) military
CRM Cardiac Rhythm Management||Customer Relationship Management Acronym
CRM Catarman National Airport [Catarman, Northern Samar, Philippines] IATA Airport Code
CRM Customer Relationship Management business
CRM Conflict Resolution Management Community abbreviations
CRM Chaos Resolution Miracle computing abbreviations and acronyms
CRM Computer Resources Management computing abbreviations and acronyms
CRM Configuration Resource Management computing abbreviations and acronyms
CRM Critical Rehearsal Moment media abbreviations and acronyms
CRM Camera Ready Materiel Military abbreviations
CRM Collateral Release Mechanism Military abbreviations
CRM Collection Requirements Management Military abbreviations
CRM Comment Resolution Matrix Military abbreviations
CRM Crew Resource Management Military abbreviations
CRM Children's Relief Mission Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to crm

  • CRNA - Certified registered nurse anesthetist
  • CHARM - Challenger chieftain armament
  • CCRN - Certification for adult, pediatric and neonatal critical care nurses
  • CRN - Certified radiology nurse
  • CERN - Centre européen pour la recherche nucléaire (French, "European Organization for Nuclear Research")
  • CREN - Christian Real Estate Network Real Estate Association
  • CRAM - Combined Radiometric Correction Model
  • CHROM - chromatolog
  • CORAN - core analysis report
  • CRAN - Comprehensive R Archive Network
  • C.R.M.I. - Clerici Regulares Ministrantes Infirmis ("Clerks Regular Attendant on the Sick", Camillini, Camilliani)
  • crem. - cremated
  • CARM - Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring
  • CROM - Computerized Range Of Motion
  • CIRM - Centro Internazionale Radio Medico (International Radio-Medical Center)
  • CIRN - Commanders Information Report Network
  • CORONA - City Of Repugnant Odorous Native Animals