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CRNA: MeaningCategory
CRNACertified registered nurse anesthetisthealthcare
CRNACenter for Regional and Neighborhood ActionNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to crna

  • CHARM- Challenger chieftain armament
  • CRM- Composite risk management (US)
  • CCRN- Certification for adult, pediatric and neonatal critical care nurses
  • CRN- Certified radiology nurse
  • CERN- Centre européen pour la recherche nucléaire (French, "European Organization for Nuclear Research")
  • CREN- Christian Real Estate Network Real Estate Association
  • CRAM- Combined Radiometric Correction Model
  • CHROM- chromatolog
  • CORAN- core analysis report
  • CRAN- Comprehensive R Archive Network
  • C.R.M.I.- Clerici Regulares Ministrantes Infirmis ("Clerks Regular Attendant on the Sick", Camillini, Camilliani)
  • crem.- cremated
  • CARM- Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring