Found 65 abbreviations in 6 groups
C/S: Meaning Category
C/S Culture and Sensitivity Community abbreviations
C/S Chief of Staff Military abbreviations
C&S: Meaning Category
C&S cased and suspended oil&gas
C&S Casualty and Survivability Military abbreviations
Cs: Meaning Category
Cs Caesium Acronym
Cs Cesium Chemistry abbreviations
cs: Meaning Category
cs Czech language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
C & S: Meaning Category
C & S Cherubim and Seraphim Society ghana
CS: Meaning Category
CS Communications subsystem military
CS Confined space military
CS Communications Squadron Airforce
CS Culinary Specialist Navy
CS Combat Support Acronym
CS Computer Scientist Acronym
CS Costa Rica (FIPS 10-4 country code) Acronym
CS Serbia and Montenegro (ISO 3166 digram; obsolete since 2006) Acronym
CS Cable Select computing
CS Computer Science computing
CS caught stealing sports
CS 2-Chlorobenzylidene malonontrile Chemistry abbreviations
CS Composite State Chemistry abbreviations
CS Common Sense Community abbreviations
CS Community Service Community abbreviations
CS Creative Storytelling Educational abbreviations
CS Circuit Simulator Electronics abbreviations
CS Current Sensing Electronics abbreviations
CS Client-Server computing abbreviations and acronyms
CS Communications Server computing abbreviations and acronyms
CS Computer Support computing abbreviations and acronyms
CS CTRL Shift computing abbreviations and acronyms
CS Cable Set media abbreviations and acronyms
CS City Sport media abbreviations and acronyms
CS Call Sign Military abbreviations
CS Chaplain Service Military abbreviations
CS Chief of Staff Military abbreviations
CS Circuit Switch Military abbreviations
CS Civil Support Military abbreviations
CS Coastal Station Military abbreviations
CS Colt-Scoville Military abbreviations
CS Combat Service Military abbreviations
CS Command Staff Military abbreviations
CS Common Software Military abbreviations
CS Communication Services Military abbreviations
CS Communications Security Military abbreviations
CS Communications Software Military abbreviations
CS Communications Support Military abbreviations
CS Constant Source Military abbreviations
CS Content Staging Military abbreviations
CS Counter Strike Military abbreviations
CS Crew Simulator Military abbreviations
CS Crew Station Military abbreviations
CS Critical Studies Military abbreviations
CS Cache Size software abbreviations and acronyms
CS Case Sensitive software abbreviations and acronyms
CS Costly Software software abbreviations and acronyms
CS Creative Suite software abbreviations and acronyms
CS Crystal Space software abbreviations and acronyms
CS Cabin Sailer sports abbreviations
CS Calgary Stampede sports abbreviations
CS Camper Sniping sports abbreviations
CS Car Sport sports abbreviations
CS Carolina Spartan sports abbreviations
CS Caught Stealing sports abbreviations
CS Clean Sweep sports abbreviations
CS Campus Solutions University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cs

  • 117CA - 117th Cavalry Association
  • 1279CEA - 1279th Combat Engineering Alumni
  • 3C - Cross Cultural Competence
  • 4C - Child Care Coordinating Council
  • 4CC - Four-Character Code
  • C - Day - The unnamed day on which a deployment operation begins or is to begin
  • C0 - CSSCS Workstation class computer
  • C1 - methane
  • C-130 - Cargo aircraft model 130 (Hercules)
  • C-141 - Cargo aircraft model 141 (Starlifter)
  • C-17 - Cargo aicraft model 17 (Globemaster III)
  • C2 - Command and Control
  • C-21 - Cargo aircraft model 21 (Learjet)
  • C2-2000 - Command and Control in the year 2000
  • C-27 - Cargo aircraft model 27 (Spartan)
  • c2c - the British rail company formerly known as LTS Rail
  • C2C3S - CECOM Center for Command, Control, and Communications Systems
  • C2E - Command and Control Element
  • C2H5OH - Ethanol
  • C2I - Command, Control, and Intelligence