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CSDN: Meaning Category
CSDN Civil Service Disability Network (UK) Community abbreviations
CSDN Circuit Switched Data Network computing abbreviations and acronyms
CSDN Circadian Sleep Disorders Network Non-Profit Organizations
CSDN China Software Developer Network software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to csdn

  • CDM - Coastal defence missile
  • CATM - Combat Arms Training and Maintenance
  • CTM - Cryptologic Technician Maintenance
  • CTN - Cryptologic Technician Networks
  • CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
  • CYDN - cyberdon log
  • CDN - Woodward Field
  • CCDM - (catalog) Catalog of Components of Double and Multiple Stars
  • CTAN - Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
  • COTM - Couple Of The Month
  • CCTM - Calaveras College of Therapeutic Massage