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CSEBuckhorn Ranch Airport (FAA: 0CO2)[Crested Butte, Colorado, United States]IATA Airport Code
CSE(celestial object) Circumstellar Envelope, a roughly spherical planetary nebula formed from dense stellar wind if not present before the formation of a star.astronomy
CSEComputer Science and Engineeringcomputing
CSECommittee on Special EducationEducational abbreviations
CSECommunication Skills EnrichmentEducational abbreviations
CSECreating Sensational EngineeringEducational abbreviations
CSECustom Search Enginecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
CSECouncil of Science Editorsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
CSECenter for Software EngineeringMilitary abbreviations
CSEClient Server EnvironmentMilitary abbreviations
CSECombat Support EquipmentMilitary abbreviations
CSECommon Support EquipmentMilitary abbreviations
CSECommunications Security EstablishmentMilitary abbreviations
CSEContingency Support ElementMilitary abbreviations
CSEContract Support ElementMilitary abbreviations
CSECorps Support ElementMilitary abbreviations
CSECritical Section ExclusionMilitary abbreviations
CSECenter for Space EducationNon-Profit Organizations
CSECentre for Science and EnvironmentNon-Profit Organizations
CSECollege Success ExperienceUniversity abbreviations
CSEComputer Science EducationUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to cse

  • CE- Consumer Electronics
  • CII- Computer-Implemented Invention
  • CAI- Caution annunciator indicator
  • CAH- Critical access hospital
  • CCI- Correct coding initiative
  • CCU- Cardiac care unit
  • CHA- Catholic Health Association
  • COI- Certificate of Insurance
  • CQI- Continuous quality improvement
  • Ca- Carcinoma
  • CC- Chief complaint
  • CIO- Chief information officer
  • C3I- Command, control, communications, and intelligence
  • CCC- Combustible cartridge case
  • CCO- Close combat optic
  • C/E- Crew/enlisted (enlisted aircrew member)
  • CEOI- Communications electronics operating instruction
  • CEU- Computer electronics unit