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CSR: Meaning Category
CSR Control Supply Rate Acronym
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility [1] Acronym
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility oil&gas
CSR Casuarito Airport [Casuarito, Colombia] IATA Airport Code
CSR Central serous retinopathy optometric
CSR Caring, Sharing, and Rapport Community abbreviations
CSR Critical Section Reachability Community abbreviations
CSR Children Showing Results Educational abbreviations
CSR Class Size Reduction Educational abbreviations
CSR Copper Sulfide Rectifier Electronics abbreviations
CSR Community Service Radio media abbreviations and acronyms
CSR Central Source Registry Military abbreviations
CSR Combat Stress Reaction Military abbreviations
CSR Commander's Summary Report Military abbreviations
CSR Controlled Supply Rate Military abbreviations
CSR Carry-Save Representation software abbreviations and acronyms
CSR Certification Status Report software abbreviations and acronyms
CSR Community Sports and Recreation sports abbreviations
CSR Composite Speed Rating sports abbreviations
CSR Comprehensive Study Review University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to csr

  • C4IR - Command Control Communication Computers Intelligence And Recognition
  • CAIR - Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • CAORA - Combined Arms Operations Research Activity (obsolete term).(Now TRAC)
  • CAR - Canadian Association of Radiologists
  • CARA - (organization) California Association for Research in Astronomy
  • CARE - Citizens Association for Racial Equality (former New Zealand organisation)
  • CARI - Community Agricultural Research Institute
  • CARR - Computer Assisted Research And Reporting
  • CARRI - Computerized Assessment of Relative Risk Impacts
  • CCAR - Context, Challenge, Action, and Results
  • CCARI - Children's Cancer Aid and Research Institute
  • CCCR - Canadian Centre for Community Renewal
  • CCER - Command and Control of the Enemy Rear
  • CCIR - Comité consultatif international pour la radio (French for Consultative Committee on International Radio, became the ITU Radiocommunication Sector, ITU-R, in 1992)
  • CCORE - Community Change Oriented Recovery Effort
  • CCR - Cost-to-charge ratio
  • CCRA - Concerned Citizens Resource Association
  • CCR&R - Child Care Resource and Referral
  • CCSR - Combatant Commander's Summary Report
  • CCSRI - Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute