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CSR: MeaningCategory
CSRControl Supply RateAcronym
CSRCorporate Social Responsibility [1]Acronym
CSRCorporate Social Responsibilityoil&gas
CSRCasuarito Airport[Casuarito, Colombia]IATA Airport Code
CSRCentral serous retinopathyoptometric
CSRCaring, Sharing, and RapportCommunity abbreviations
CSRCritical Section ReachabilityCommunity abbreviations
CSRChildren Showing ResultsEducational abbreviations
CSRClass Size ReductionEducational abbreviations
CSRCopper Sulfide RectifierElectronics abbreviations
CSRCommunity Service Radiomedia abbreviations and acronyms
CSRCentral Source RegistryMilitary abbreviations
CSRCombat Stress ReactionMilitary abbreviations
CSRCommander's Summary ReportMilitary abbreviations
CSRControlled Supply RateMilitary abbreviations
CSRCarry-Save Representationsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CSRCertification Status Reportsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
CSRCommunity Sports and Recreationsports abbreviations
CSRComposite Speed Ratingsports abbreviations
CSRComprehensive Study ReviewUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to csr

  • CCR- Cost-to-charge ratio
  • CR- Capability requirement
  • CRR- Carro de Reconhecimento Sobre Rodas (reconnaissance tracking scout car)
  • CRU- Cable reel unit
  • CWR- Continuous wave radar
  • CSAR- Combat Search and Rescue
  • CAR- Canadian Association of Radiologists
  • CSIR- Council (Center) for Scientific and Industrial Research
  • CAIR- Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • CARE- Citizens Association for Racial Equality (former New Zealand organisation)
  • CCIR- Comité consultatif international pour la radio (French for Consultative Committee on International Radio, became the ITU Radiocommunication Sector, ITU-R, in 1992)
  • CIR- (Commander's) Critical Information Requirements
  • cor- Cornish language (ISO 639-2 code)