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CT: Meaning Category
CT Cryptologic Technician Navy
CT Computed tomography (medical scan also known as a CAT scan)||Central Time zone||Chrono Trigger (Computer/Video games)|| Connecticut (postal symbol)||Canterbury (postal symbol)||Chhatisgarh (Indian state code) Acronym
CT coiled tubing oil&gas
CT Computerized Tomography computing
CT Combustion turbine (electricity) energy
CT Cover test optometric
CT Comfortable Technology Community abbreviations
CT Community Thread Community abbreviations
CT Civics Tutorial Educational abbreviations
CT Collective Toddlers Educational abbreviations
CT Critical Thinking Educational abbreviations
CT Center Tapped Electronics abbreviations
CT Chrono Trigger Electronics abbreviations
CT Current Transformer Electronics abbreviations
CT Cycle Time Electronics abbreviations
CT Continuous Tone computing abbreviations and acronyms
CT Convergence Technology computing abbreviations and acronyms
CT Color Television media abbreviations and acronyms
CT Caccia Terrestre Military abbreviations
CT Calendar Time Military abbreviations
CT Certification Testing Military abbreviations
CT Cipher Text Military abbreviations
CT Combined Testing Military abbreviations
CT Command Table Military abbreviations
CT Communications Terminal Military abbreviations
CT Comparison Test Military abbreviations
CT Composite Technology Military abbreviations
CT Computer Terminal Military abbreviations
CT Confederation Test Military abbreviations
CT Contractor Testing Military abbreviations
CT Control Telemetry Military abbreviations
CT Control Tower Military abbreviations
CT Counter-Terrorism Military abbreviations
CT Country Team Military abbreviations
CT Course Tools University abbreviations
CT Curriculum Technology University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ct

  • CD - Compact Disc
  • CAT I - Operational performance Category 1
  • CAT II - Operational performance Category II
  • CAT IIIa - Operational performance Category IIIa
  • CDA - Continuous descent approach
  • CDI - Course deviation indicator
  • CDTI - Cockpit display of traffic information
  • CAT - Computerized axial tomography
  • CADE - Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology
  • CAD - Computer-assisted design
  • CATT - Combined arms tactical trainer (UK)
  • CCD - Charge-coupled device
  • CDU - Command display unit
  • CET - Combat engineer tractor
  • CSSD - Combat service support detachment
  • CTA - Case telescoped ammunition
  • CTD - Concept technology demonstrator