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CTL: Meaning Category
CTL Charleville Airport [Charleville, Queensland, Australia] IATA Airport Code
CTL Computational Tree Logic computing
CTL Coal To Liquids Chemistry abbreviations
CTL Complementary Transistor Logic Electronics abbreviations
CTL Complex Test Layout computing abbreviations and acronyms
CTL computation tree logic computing abbreviations and acronyms
CTL Candidate Target List Military abbreviations
CTL Critical Task List Military abbreviations
CTL Center for Teaching and Learning University abbreviations
CTL Combination To Locker University abbreviations
CTL Computer Technology Laboratory University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ctl

  • CDDL - Common Development and Distribution License
  • CDL - Commercial driver's license
  • CTIL - Critical Tracked Items List
  • CGTL - compact gas to liquids (production equipment small enough to fit on a ship)
  • CIDL - chemical injection downhole lower
  • CCTL - Community College Teaching and Learning
  • CD/OL - Critical Dimension OverLay
  • CSTAL - Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Laboratory (part of ERADCOM)
  • CTLL - Centre for Theories of Language and Learning