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d.: Meaning Category
d. dies ("day") ecclesiastical
d. death Community abbreviations
d. died Community abbreviations
D.: Meaning Category
D. Dominus ("Lord") ecclesiastical
D. Depositus ("Laid to rest"); or Dulcis ("Dear One") ecclesiastical
d: Meaning Category
d Deci Acronym
D: Meaning Category
D Day - The unnamed day on which an operation begins or is to begin Airforce
D Deuterium Acronym
D Development oil&gas
D Dioptres optometric
D Draw sports
D Decayed Chemistry abbreviations
D Dilute Chemistry abbreviations
D Dignified Community abbreviations
D Dumb Educational abbreviations
D Dunce Educational abbreviations
D Digital Electronics abbreviations
D Diode Electronics abbreviations
D Drain (transistor) Electronics abbreviations
D Dynamic Electronics abbreviations
D form D (make-before-break) contacts Electronics abbreviations
D Digit computing abbreviations and acronyms
D Disaster computing abbreviations and acronyms
D Dopey media abbreviations and acronyms
D Denied Military abbreviations
D Dragoons Military abbreviations
D Drift Military abbreviations
D Driver Military abbreviations
D Defeated sports abbreviations
D Defense sports abbreviations
D Double sports abbreviations
D Dunced sports abbreviations
D Dropped University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to d

  • 0-D - Zero Dimensional
  • 2,4-D - 2,4- Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid
  • 27DA - 27th Division Association
  • 29DA - 29th Division Association
  • 2D - two-dimensional (geophysics)
  • 35DA - 35th Division Association
  • 3D - three-dimensional (geophysics)
  • 3DA - Three-Dimensional Array
  • 4D - multiple 3Ds overlapping each other (geophysics)
  • 90DA - 90th Division Association
  • 99DA - 99th Division Association
  • D2 - Data Distribution
  • D2O - Deuterium Oxide (Heavy Water)
  • D3 - Decide, Detect, Deliver
  • D3A - Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess
  • DA - Drift angle
  • DA-15 - 15-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
  • DAA - Davison Army Airfield
  • DAAA - Detroit Area Agency on Aging
  • DAE - Diploma Associate Engineer