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da: Meaning Category
da Danish language (ISO 639-1 code)||deca Acronym
Da: Meaning Category
Da Aerospace Drift Military abbreviations
DA: Meaning Category
DA Drift angle avionics
DA double action military
DA District Assembly ghana
DA Denmark (FIPS 10-4 country code)|| Debtors Anonymous|| U.S. Department of the Army||District Attorney Acronym
DA De-Aerator Chemistry abbreviations
DA Democratic Alliance (South Africa)n Community abbreviations
DA duck's ass [haircut style] Community abbreviations
DA Doctor of Arts Educational abbreviations
DA Dielectric Absorption Electronics abbreviations
DA Digital to Analog Electronics abbreviations
DA Distributed Amplifier Electronics abbreviations
DA Data Analysis computing abbreviations and acronyms
DA Desk Accessory computing abbreviations and acronyms
DA Digital Audio media abbreviations and acronyms
DA Discerning Audience media abbreviations and acronyms
DA Dad's Army Military abbreviations
DA Dads Army Military abbreviations
DA Data Adapter Military abbreviations
DA Data Administrator Military abbreviations
DA Department Approval Military abbreviations
DA Department of the Army Military abbreviations
DA Detroit Arsenal Military abbreviations
DA Development Assistance Military abbreviations
DA Direct Action Military abbreviations
DA Directorate for Administration (DIA) Military abbreviations
DA Directors Assistant Military abbreviations
DA Double Agent Military abbreviations
DA Development Alternatives Non-Profit Organizations
DA Disabled and Alone Non-Profit Organizations
DA Decision Assistant software abbreviations and acronyms
DA Desktop Assistant software abbreviations and acronyms
DA Dos Apps software abbreviations and acronyms
DA Distance Accuracy sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to da

  • DTD - Document Type Definition
  • DH - Decision height
  • DEA - Drug enforcement administration
  • DD - Differential diagnosis
  • DO - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • D&E - Dilatation and evacuation
  • DAHA - dual-axis head assembly
  • DAO - double action only
  • DDA - Detroit Diesel Allison
  • DDU - digital display unit
  • DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency (US)
  • DTT - driver training tank
  • DU - depleted uranium
  • D - Day - The unnamed day on which an operation begins or is to begin
  • DOE - Date of Enlistment
  • DT - Development Team
  • DE - Destroyer Escort
  • DI - Digital Imaging Technologist