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DAT: MeaningCategory
DATwellhead housing drill-ahead tooloil&gas
DATDatong Yungang Airport[Datong, Shanxi, China]IATA Airport Code
DATDigital Audio Tapecomputing
DATDisabled Accessible ToiletCommunity abbreviations
DATDynamic Address Translationcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DATDeployment Action TeamMilitary abbreviations
DATDental Admission TestUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dat

  • DUAT- Direct user access terminal
  • DOT- Department of Transportation
  • DoD- Department of Defense (US)
  • DTAT- Direction Technique des Armements Terrestres
  • DEAD- Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses
  • DITY- Do-It-Yourself
  • DoDD- U.S. Department of Defense Directive
  • DoDEA- (U.S.) Department of Defense Education Activity
  • DOTA- short-form for DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS a popular online epic game
  • DotD- Deal of the Day (marketing gimmick)
  • DTED- Digital Terrain Elevation Data ("dee-ted")
  • DDET- depth determination log
  • DAD- Da Nang International Airport
  • DED- Dehradun Airport
  • DET- Coleman A. Young International Airport
  • DHD- Durham Downs Airport
  • DHT- Dalhart Municipal Airport