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Db Dubnium Acronym
DB: Meaning Category
DB Database||Deutsche Bahn Acronym
DB Database computing
DB Double Bond Chemistry abbreviations
DB Design Based Electronics abbreviations
DB Dual Band Electronics abbreviations
DB Data Bus computing abbreviations and acronyms
DB Data Byte computing abbreviations and acronyms
DB Desktop Bundle computing abbreviations and acronyms
DB Deafening Bass media abbreviations and acronyms
DB DataBase Military abbreviations
DB Dirty Bastard Military abbreviations
DB Disciplinary Barracks Military abbreviations
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dB Decibel Acronym

Abbreviations similar to db

  • DP - Departure procedures
  • DVE - Degraded Visual Environment
  • DIFF. - Differential blood count
  • DPI - Bureau of Disease Prevention and Immunization
  • DEFA - direction des études et fabrications d'armement
  • DFV - desert fighting vehicle
  • DIP - driver instrument panel
  • DOP - Department of Productivity
  • DPA - Defence Procurement Agency (UK)
  • DV - demining vehicle
  • DBA - Dirtbag Airman (An Airman who does not represent the Air Force Core Values)
  • DAPA - Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
  • DFI - Department of Factories Inspectorate
  • DFP - Democratic Freedom Party
  • DPP - Democratic People's Party
  • DWP - Decent Work Programme
  • DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting