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DBDKDataBlade Developer's Kitsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to dbdk

  • DBDC- 1,2-Di-Bromo-2,4-DiCyanobutane
  • DFDSS- Data Facility Data Set Services
  • DFD-WHS- Defense Facilities Directorate for Washington Headquarters Services
  • DFTS- Defense Fixed Telecommunications Service (UK)
  • DIBITS- Digital In-Band Interswitch Trunk Signaling
  • DIBTS- Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling
  • DIVAD GUN- Division Air Defense Gun
  • DVIDS- Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System
  • DVITS- Digital Video Imagery Transmission System
  • DBDS- Don Bosco Development Society
  • DBDX- DragonBall DeluXe game
  • DVATC- Derwent Valley All Terrain Club
  • DUBTC- Duke University Brain Tumor Center