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DBT: MeaningCategory
DBTDebre Tabor Airport[Debre Tabor, Ethiopia]IATA Airport Code
DBTDialectical Behavior TherapyEducational abbreviations
DBTDesign Basis ThreatMilitary abbreviations
DBTDepartment of BioTechnologyUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dbt

  • DVD- Digital Video Disc
  • DPT- Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus
  • DAPIT- Development and Application of Intermediate Technology Program
  • DFID- Department for International Development
  • DBDO- Desert BDO
  • DFAD- Digital Feature Analysis Data ("dee-fad")
  • DfT- UK Department for Transport
  • DIVAD- Division Air Defence
  • DPDT- Double-Pole Double-Throw
  • DVT- Deep vein thrombosis
  • DDPT- drill data plot log
  • DFIT- Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test
  • DHPTT- downhole pressure/temperature transducer
  • DIPFT- dipmeter fast log
  • DBD- Dhanbad Airport