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DC: Meaning Category
DC Doctor of Chiropractic healthcare
DC direct current military
DC Damage Controlman Navy
DC District Commissioner ghana
DC Disconnected Acronym
DC drill centre oil&gas
DC drill collar(s) oil&gas
DC Direct current energy
DC Dioptres cylinder optometric
DC Dielectric Constant Chemistry abbreviations
DC Distributed Computing Chemistry abbreviations
DC Death Certificate Community abbreviations
DC Democratic Community Community abbreviations
DC Dining Capital Community abbreviations
DC Downtown Comeback Community abbreviations
DC Dysfunctional City Community abbreviations
DC Dependent Clause Educational abbreviations
DC Direct Current Electronics abbreviations
DC Don't Care Electronics abbreviations
DC Dual Control Electronics abbreviations
DC Data Cartridge computing abbreviations and acronyms
DC Data Communication computing abbreviations and acronyms
DC Data Context computing abbreviations and acronyms
DC Desktop Calculator computing abbreviations and acronyms
DC Damn Cat (from the movie That Darn Cat) media abbreviations and acronyms
DC Direct Cable media abbreviations and acronyms
DC Documentary Central media abbreviations and acronyms
DC Drop Cap media abbreviations and acronyms
DC Dead Center Military abbreviations
DC Deputies Committee Military abbreviations
DC Desert Combat Military abbreviations
DC Device Coordinates Military abbreviations
DC Dislocated Civilian Military abbreviations
DC Dismounted Countermines Military abbreviations
DC District of Columbia Military abbreviations
DC División de Contrainteligencia Military abbreviations
DC Dallas Cowboys sports abbreviations
DC Deccan Chargers sports abbreviations
DC Difficulty Class sports abbreviations
DC Don't Concede sports abbreviations
DC Dusty Cat sports abbreviations
DC Delta College University abbreviations
DC The Douglass Campus University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dc

  • DOC - Document
  • DOS - Disk Operating System
  • DG - Directional gyroscope
  • DHS - Department of Human Services (Iowa)
  • DSA - Disproportionate share adjustment
  • DSH - Disproportionate share hospital
  • DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • D&C - Dilatation and curettage
  • DSC - Doctor of Surgical Chiropody
  • DAS - deep air support
  • DCA - défense contre avions (anti-aircraft)
  • DECA - digital electronic control assembly
  • DESO - Defence Export Sales Organisation (UK)
  • DHSS - data handling subsystem
  • DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency
  • DSO - Defence Sales Organisation
  • DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications System
  • DTS - Defense Travel System