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DCD: MeaningCategory
DCD[Organ] Donation after Cardiac DeathAcronym
DCDDirect Current Demagnetization (as opposed to Alternating Current)Electronics abbreviations
DCDDuty Cycle DistortionElectronics abbreviations
DCDData Compiler And Decompilercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DCDData Collection DeviceMilitary abbreviations
DCDDirector (or ate) of Combat DevelopmentsMilitary abbreviations
DCDDesign Class Diagramsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to dcd

  • DCDU- Data link control and display unit
  • DCCT- dismounted close combat trainer
  • DS/T- practice discarding sabot/tracer
  • DACT- Data Automated Communications Terminal||Dissimilar Air Combat Training
  • DASD- (U.S.) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • DECT- Digital European Cordless Telephone
  • DGD&D- UK Directorate General of Development and Doctrine
  • DJD- Degenerative Joint Disease||Dublin Julian Day||Discoveries in the Judaean Desert
  • DSD- Defence Studies Department (King's College, London)
  • DSID- Dismounted Soldier Identification System
  • DST- Daylight saving time
  • DUSD- (U.S.) Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense
  • DZD- Algerian dinar (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • DAZD- dip and azimuth display
  • DSTW- drill-stem test job report/works
  • DCT- Duncan Town Airport
  • DGT- Sibulan (Dumaguete) Airport