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DCPPA: MeaningCategory
DCPPADelaware Coalition to Promote Physical ActivityCommunity abbreviations
DCPPADefence College of Police and Personnel AdministrationUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dcppa

  • DSP- Digital signal processing
  • DASP- demountable artillery surveillance pod
  • DCPO- Damage Control Petty Officer
  • DCCP- Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
  • DCOP- Desktop Communication Protocol
  • DJF- Djibouti franc (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • DSB- (U.S.) Defense Science Board
  • dsp – (i)- dspl – decessit sine prole legitima (Latin, "died without legitimate issue")
  • dsvp- d.s.v.p. decessit sine vitae patria (Latin, "died within fathers lifetime")
  • DEXP- D-exponent log
  • DGP- dynamic geohistory plot (3D technique)dynamic geohistory plot (3D technique)
  • DHSV- downhole safety valve
  • DSV- diving support vessel or drilling supervisor