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DDA: Meaning Category
DDA Detroit Diesel Allison military
DDA Digital Differential Analyzer (graphics algorithm) Acronym
DDA Digital Differential Analyzer Acronym
DDA Deputy District Attorney Acronym
DDA Depletion Depreciation Amortization business
DDA Downtown Development Authority Community abbreviations
DDA Design Data Analysis computing abbreviations and acronyms
DDA Deputy Director for Administration Military abbreviations
DDA Designated Development Activity Military abbreviations
DDA Division Design Analysis Military abbreviations
DDA Don't Defy America Military abbreviations
DDA Disabled Drivers Assocation Non-Profit Organizations
DDA Dogs for Disabled Americans Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to dda

  • 0-D - Zero Dimensional
  • 2,4-D - 2,4- Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid
  • 27DA - 27th Division Association
  • 29DA - 29th Division Association
  • 2D - two-dimensional (geophysics)
  • 35DA - 35th Division Association
  • 3D - three-dimensional (geophysics)
  • 3DA - Three-Dimensional Array
  • 4D - multiple 3Ds overlapping each other (geophysics)
  • 90DA - 90th Division Association
  • 99DA - 99th Division Association
  • D - Day - The unnamed day on which an operation begins or is to begin
  • D2 - Data Distribution
  • D2O - Deuterium Oxide (Heavy Water)
  • D3 - Decide, Detect, Deliver
  • D3A - Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess
  • DA - Drift angle
  • DA-15 - 15-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
  • DAA - Davison Army Airfield
  • DAAA - Detroit Area Agency on Aging