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Def.: Meaning Category
Def. Defunctus ("Deceased") ecclesiastical
DEF: Meaning Category
DEF Deaf acronyms for diseases and disorders
DEF Dezful Airport [Dezful, Iran] IATA Airport Code
DEF Defensive. Used by the NBA as a subheading for rebounding statistics in its official box scores. sports
DEF Defence sports
DEF Data Exchange Format computing abbreviations and acronyms
DEF Defense Military abbreviations
DEF Development and Evaluation Facility Military abbreviations
DEF Days End Farm Non-Profit Organizations
DEF Defeated sports abbreviations
DEF Defend sports abbreviations
DEF Defender sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to def

  • 2dF - (instrumentation) Two-degree Field, spectrograph on the Anglo-Australian Telescope
  • 3-DOF - Three Degree Of Freedom
  • 6dF - (instrumentation) Six-degree Field, spectrograph on the UKST
  • 6-DOF - Six Degree Of Freedom
  • 95DF - 95th Division Foundation
  • D80DV - Descendants of the 80th Division Veterans
  • DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting
  • DABA - Dallas Amateur Baseball Association
  • DABFP - Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice
  • DABO - Detroit Association of Black Organizations
  • DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation, a technique used in water treatment
  • DAFA - Direct Aid For Africa
  • DAFF - Directly Across From Fairview
  • DAP - Darchula Airport
  • DAPA - Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
  • DAPI - 4',6-DiAmidino-2-PhenylIndole
  • DAPO - Deep Attack Program Office
  • DAPP - Digitally Abled Producers Program
  • DAV - Enrique Malek International Airport
  • DAVA - Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate