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DERCDiabetes and Endocrinology Research CenterUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to derc

  • DRG- Diagnosis-related group
  • DEERS- Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System
  • DEROS- Date Estimated Return from OverSeas
  • DRC- Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • DRES- Defence Research Establishment Suffield (obsolete 2002)
  • DRIC- (U.S.) Defense Research Information Center
  • DARCI- Darci log
  • DIRS- directional survey log
  • DIRSU- directional survey report
  • DRJ- Drietabbetje Airport
  • DRK- Drake Bay Airport
  • DRS- Dresden Airport
  • DRCC- Demand Response Coordinating Council (coalition)
  • DRRC- Demand Response Research Center (California)
  • DARG- Dublin Abortion Rights Group