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DET: MeaningCategory
DETColeman A. Young International Airport[Detroit, Michigan, United States]IATA Airport Code
DETDull Emitter TransmittingElectronics abbreviations
DETData Entry TerminalMilitary abbreviations
DETDetachedMilitary abbreviations
DETDetachmentMilitary abbreviations
DETDETaineeMilitary abbreviations
DETDisplaced Equipment TrainingMilitary abbreviations
DETDistributed Explosive TechnologyMilitary abbreviations
DETDetroit Tigerssports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to det

  • DUAT- Direct user access terminal
  • DOT- Department of Transportation
  • DoD- Department of Defense (US)
  • DTAT- Direction Technique des Armements Terrestres
  • DEAD- Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses
  • DITY- Do-It-Yourself
  • DoDD- U.S. Department of Defense Directive
  • DoDEA- (U.S.) Department of Defense Education Activity
  • DOTA- short-form for DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS a popular online epic game
  • DotD- Deal of the Day (marketing gimmick)
  • DTED- Digital Terrain Elevation Data ("dee-ted")
  • DAT- wellhead housing drill-ahead tool
  • DDET- depth determination log
  • DAD- Da Nang International Airport
  • DED- Dehradun Airport
  • DHD- Durham Downs Airport