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DFAS: MeaningCategory
DFAS(U.S.) Defense Finance and Accounting ServiceAcronym
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting ServiceMilitary abbreviations
DFASDistributed Finding Aids Serversoftware abbreviations and acronyms
DFASDivision of Food Animal ScienceUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dfas

  • DAPs- Downlink of aircraft parameters
  • DPS- Department of Public Safety
  • DFAC- Dining Facility (US)
  • DFCS- digital fire-control system
  • DWFK- deep water fording kit
  • DOVVSU- Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit
  • DVC- Diaspora Vote Committee
  • DBCS- Double Byte Character Set
  • DBS- Direct Broadcast Services (television)
  • DIPS- Defense independent pitching statistics
  • DPCO- Double-Pole Change Over
  • DPKO- UN Department for Peacekeeping Operations
  • DDBHC- DDBHC waveform log
  • DEFSU- definitive survey report
  • DEPC- depth control log
  • DIBHC- DIS BHC log
  • DIPSA- dipmeter soda log
  • DIPSK- dipmeter stick log
  • DBQ- Dubuque Regional Airport