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DFL: MeaningCategory
DFLDemocratic–Farmer–Labor (the full designation of the Minnesota affiliate of the U.S. Democratic Party)Acronym
DFLDeutsche Fußball Liga (German for "German Football League"), the operator of the top two leagues of German footballAcronym
DFLData Field LineMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dfl

  • DVLA- Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority
  • DBBL- (U.S. Army Simulation Center) Dismounted Battlespace Battle Laboratory
  • DPL- dual propagation log
  • DVL- Devils Lake Municipal Airport
  • Dupl.- Duplex ("Double feast" Breviary)
  • DWPL- Doo Wop Preservation League
  • DPLA- Digital Public Library of America
  • DBL- Data Bottom Left
  • DAFL- Directive Authority For Logistics
  • DDBL- Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab
  • DEEVAL- Detailed Europe Evaluation
  • DIBBL- Dismounted Infantry Battle Space Battle Lab
  • DWBL- Dismounted Warrior Battle Laboratory
  • DPVL- Digital Packet Video Link