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DFS: MeaningCategory
DFSDepth-First Searchcomputing
DFSDistributed File Systemcomputing
DFSDigital Feedback SupressionElectronics abbreviations
DFSDepth First Searchcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DFSDigital File Stampcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DFSDirect File Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DFSDistributed Filing Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DFSDeutsches FernSehenmedia abbreviations and acronyms
DFSDirection Finding SubsystemMilitary abbreviations
DFSDollars For ScholarsNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to dfs

  • DAPs- Downlink of aircraft parameters
  • DPS- Department of Public Safety
  • DFAC- Dining Facility (US)
  • DFCS- digital fire-control system
  • DWFK- deep water fording kit
  • DOVVSU- Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit
  • DVC- Diaspora Vote Committee
  • DBCS- Double Byte Character Set
  • DBS- Direct Broadcast Services (television)
  • DFAS- (U.S.) Defense Finance and Accounting Service
  • DIPS- Defense independent pitching statistics
  • DPCO- Double-Pole Change Over
  • DPKO- UN Department for Peacekeeping Operations
  • DDBHC- DDBHC waveform log
  • DEFSU- definitive survey report
  • DEPC- depth control log
  • DIBHC- DIS BHC log
  • DIPSA- dipmeter soda log
  • DIPSK- dipmeter stick log