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DFT: Meaning Category
DFT density functional theory Chemistry abbreviations
DFT Deep Flow Technique Electronics abbreviations
DFT Density Functional Theory Electronics abbreviations
DFT Design For Testability Electronics abbreviations
DFT Dry Film Thickness Electronics abbreviations
DFT Distributed Function Terminal computing abbreviations and acronyms
DFT Deployment For Training Military abbreviations
DfT: Meaning Category
DfT UK Department for Transport Acronym

Abbreviations similar to dft

  • DVD - Digital Video Disc
  • DPT - Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus
  • DAPIT - Development and Application of Intermediate Technology Program
  • DFID - Department for International Development
  • DBDO - Desert BDO
  • DFAD - Digital Feature Analysis Data ("dee-fad")
  • DIVAD - Division Air Defence
  • DPDT - Double-Pole Double-Throw
  • DVT - Deep vein thrombosis
  • DDPT - drill data plot log
  • DFIT - Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test
  • DHPTT - downhole pressure/temperature transducer
  • DIPFT - dipmeter fast log
  • DBD - Dhanbad Airport
  • DBT - Debre Tabor Airport