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DI Digital Imaging Technologist Medical-organisations
DI Dispatch information business
DI deionized water Chemistry abbreviations
DI Diffusion Index Chemistry abbreviations
DI District Liaison Educational abbreviations
DI De-Ionized Electronics abbreviations
DI Destructive Interference Electronics abbreviations
DI Dielectric Isolation Electronics abbreviations
DI Direct Input Electronics abbreviations
DI Digitally Imported computing abbreviations and acronyms
DI Direct Imaging computing abbreviations and acronyms
DI Daily Interesting media abbreviations and acronyms
DI Damage Inflicted Military abbreviations
DI Data Interchange Military abbreviations
DI Data Item Military abbreviations
DI Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Directorate For Analysis Military abbreviations
DI Drill Instructor Military abbreviations
DI Data Integration software abbreviations and acronyms
DI Digital Imaging software abbreviations and acronyms
DI Digital Input software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to di

  • DTD - Document Type Definition
  • DA - Drift angle
  • DH - Decision height
  • DEA - Drug enforcement administration
  • DD - Differential diagnosis
  • DO - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • D&E - Dilatation and evacuation
  • DAHA - dual-axis head assembly
  • DAO - double action only
  • DDA - Detroit Diesel Allison
  • DDU - digital display unit
  • DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency (US)
  • DTT - driver training tank
  • DU - depleted uranium
  • D - Day - The unnamed day on which an operation begins or is to begin
  • DOE - Date of Enlistment
  • DT - Development Team