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DI: MeaningCategory
DIDigital Imaging TechnologistMedical-organisations
DIDispatch informationbusiness
DIdeionized waterChemistry abbreviations
DIDiffusion IndexChemistry abbreviations
DIDistrict LiaisonEducational abbreviations
DIDe-IonizedElectronics abbreviations
DIDestructive InterferenceElectronics abbreviations
DIDielectric IsolationElectronics abbreviations
DIDirect InputElectronics abbreviations
DIDigitally Importedcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DIDirect Imagingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DIDaily Interestingmedia abbreviations and acronyms
DIDamage InflictedMilitary abbreviations
DIData InterchangeMilitary abbreviations
DIData ItemMilitary abbreviations
DIDefense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Directorate For AnalysisMilitary abbreviations
DIDrill InstructorMilitary abbreviations
DIData Integrationsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
DIDigital Imagingsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
DIDigital Inputsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to di

  • DTD- Document Type Definition
  • DA- Drift angle
  • DH- Decision height
  • DEA- Drug enforcement administration
  • DD- Differential diagnosis
  • DO- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • D&E- Dilatation and evacuation
  • DAHA- dual-axis head assembly
  • DAO- double action only
  • DDA- Detroit Diesel Allison
  • DDU- digital display unit
  • DIA- Defense Intelligence Agency (US)
  • DTT- driver training tank
  • DU- depleted uranium
  • D- Day - The unnamed day on which an operation begins or is to begin
  • DOE- Date of Enlistment
  • DT- Development Team