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DIALDirectory For Independent And Accessible LivingCommunity abbreviations
DIALDisability Information Awareness LineNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to dial

  • Doolie- nickname for a first year Air Force Academy cadet
  • DL- Destroyer Leader
  • DDL- Digital Data Link
  • DHL- Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn (courier service)
  • DLA- U.S. Defense Logistics Agency|| Dental Laboratories Association
  • DLL- Dynamic Link Library
  • DTL- Diode-Transistor Logic (electronics)
  • DIL- dual-induction log
  • DILL- dual-induction laterolog
  • DAL- Dallas Love Field
  • DEL- Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • DLE- Dôle-Tavaux Airport
  • DLH- Duluth International Airport
  • DLI- Lien Khuong Airport