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DICONDefence Industries Corporation of Nigeriamilitary

Abbreviations similar to dicon

  • DISCOM- division support command
  • DSN- Defense Switched Network
  • DCIM- Digital Camera Images
  • DCN- Deacon
  • DCOM- Disney Channel Original Movie
  • DECSIM- Model DEComposition and SIMulation algorithm||Directed Energy Combat SIMulation
  • DSM- Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
  • DXM- DeXtroMethorphan
  • DSCAN- DSC analysis report
  • DCM- Castres-Mazamet Airport
  • DGN- Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center (FAA: NDY)
  • DJM- Djambala Airport
  • DJN- Delta Junction Airport (FAA: D66)
  • DZN- Zhezkazgan Airport
  • DCMI- Dublin Core Metadata Initiative