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D.I.P.: Meaning Category
D.I.P. Dormit In Pace ("Sleeps in Peace") ecclesiastical
DIP: Meaning Category
DIP driver instrument panel military
DIP Dual In-line Package (electronics) Acronym
DIP dipmeter log oil&gas
DIP Diapaga Airport [Diapaga, Burkina Faso] IATA Airport Code
DIP Dual In-line Package computing
DIP Dissolved Inorganic Phosphate Chemistry abbreviations
DIP Dual Inline Package Electronics abbreviations
DIP Digimon Intensity Project computing abbreviations and acronyms
DIP Document Image Processing computing abbreviations and acronyms
DIP dual-in-line package computing abbreviations and acronyms
DIP Defense Intelligence Plan Military abbreviations
DIP Die In Place Military abbreviations
DIP Directorate for Intelligence Production Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dip

  • DP - Departure procedures
  • DVE - Degraded Visual Environment
  • DIFF. - Differential blood count
  • DPI - Bureau of Disease Prevention and Immunization
  • DEFA - direction des études et fabrications d'armement
  • DFV - desert fighting vehicle
  • DOP - Department of Productivity
  • DPA - Defence Procurement Agency (UK)
  • DV - demining vehicle
  • DBA - Dirtbag Airman (An Airman who does not represent the Air Force Core Values)
  • DAPA - Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
  • DFI - Department of Factories Inspectorate
  • DFP - Democratic Freedom Party
  • DPP - Democratic People's Party
  • DWP - Decent Work Programme
  • DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting
  • DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation, a technique used in water treatment