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DJ: MeaningCategory
DJDisc Jockey||Dinner Jacket|| Djibouti (ISO 3166 digram; FIPS 10-4 country code)Acronym
DJDistribution JunctionElectronics abbreviations
DJDaily Jolt ( Clarkson University)media abbreviations and acronyms
DJDisc Jockeymedia abbreviations and acronyms
DJDispatch JeepMilitary abbreviations
DJDouble Jumpsports abbreviations
DJDouble Jumpingsports abbreviations
DJDumb Jocksports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dj

  • DOC- Document
  • DOS- Disk Operating System
  • DG- Directional gyroscope
  • DHS- Department of Human Services (Iowa)
  • DSA- Disproportionate share adjustment
  • DSH- Disproportionate share hospital
  • DC- Doctor of Chiropractic
  • DDS- Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • D&C- Dilatation and curettage
  • DSC- Doctor of Surgical Chiropody
  • DAS- deep air support
  • DCA- défense contre avions (anti-aircraft)
  • DECA- digital electronic control assembly
  • DESO- Defence Export Sales Organisation (UK)
  • DHSS- data handling subsystem
  • DISA- Defense Information Systems Agency
  • DSO- Defence Sales Organisation