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DMSO: MeaningCategory
DMSODimethyl sulfoxideAcronym
DMSOU.S. Defense Modeling & Simulation Office ("dim-so"), now Modeling and Simulation Coordination OfficeAcronym
DMSODimethyl SulfoxideChemistry abbreviations
DMSODefense Modeling and Simulation OfficeMilitary abbreviations
DMSODental Management Service OrganizationMilitary abbreviations
DMSODirector of Major Staff OfficeMilitary abbreviations
DMSODirector, Major Staff OfficerMilitary abbreviations
DMSODivision Medical Supply OfficeMilitary abbreviations
DMSODivision Medical Supply Office(r)Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dmso

  • DNS- Domain Name Service
  • DNC- Direct noise canceling
  • DMC- digital magnetic compass
  • DINKY- Double Income, No Kids Yet
  • DMCA- Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • DMOC- Distributed Mission Operations Centre
  • DMOS- Double Diffused MOS transistor ("dee-moss")
  • DMS- U.S. Defense Message System
  • DMZ- DeMilitarized Zone
  • DNK- Denmark (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • DOMS- (U.S.) Director of Military Support
  • DMK- Don Mueang International Airport
  • DNQ- Deniliquin Airport
  • DNX- Galegu Airport