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DNM: MeaningCategory
DNMDefence Nuclear MaterialAcronym
DNMDenham Airport[Denham, Western Australia, Australia]IATA Airport Code
DNMDialogue Not MonologueEducational abbreviations
DNMDefinity Network Managementsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
DNMDisplay Narrow Matrixsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
DNMDo Not Movesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dnm

  • DME- Distance measuring equipment
  • DMU- distance measurement unit
  • DM- Destroyer Minelayer
  • DON- Department Of the Navy
  • DWM- 31st December Women's Movement
  • DA&M- (U.S.) Director, Administration & Management
  • dan- Danish language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • DAWN- (U.S.) Drug Abuse Warning Network
  • DDN- U.S. Defense Data Network
  • DEM- Data Exchange Mechanism||Digital Elevation Model
  • DEN- Denmark (IOC and FIFA trigram, but not ISO 3166)
  • DIME- Dense Inert Metal Explosive
  • DIMM- Dual In-line Memory Module (computing)
  • DIN- Deutsches Institut für Normung (German, "German Institute for Standardization")
  • DINA- (p/a) Diesel Nacional (Spanish, "National Diesel"—Mexican bus and truck manufacturer now known as DINA)