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DOB: MeaningCategory
DOBDate Of BirthAcronym
DOBDobo Airport[Dobo, Wamar Island, Indonesia]IATA Airport Code
DOBDate of birthoptometric
DOB2,5-Dimethoxy-4-bromoamphetamineChemistry abbreviations
DOBDeutsche Oper BerlinCommunity abbreviations
DOBDeployable Operating BasesMilitary abbreviations
DOBDispersal Operating BaseMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dob

  • DP- Departure procedures
  • DVE- Degraded Visual Environment
  • DIFF.- Differential blood count
  • DPI- Bureau of Disease Prevention and Immunization
  • DEFA- direction des études et fabrications d'armement
  • DFV- desert fighting vehicle
  • DIP- driver instrument panel
  • DOP- Department of Productivity
  • DPA- Defence Procurement Agency (UK)
  • DV- demining vehicle
  • DBA- Dirtbag Airman (An Airman who does not represent the Air Force Core Values)
  • DAPA- Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
  • DFI- Department of Factories Inspectorate
  • DFP- Democratic Freedom Party
  • DPP- Democratic People's Party
  • DWP- Decent Work Programme
  • DAB- Digital Audio Broadcasting