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DoS: Meaning Category
DoS Denial of Service computing
DOS: Meaning Category
DOS Disk Operating System Open Standards
DOS Denial of Service (DoS, cf. DDoS)||Density of State||Disk Operating System Acronym
DOS Dios Airport [Dios, Papua New Guinea] IATA Airport Code
DOS Di-Octyl Sebacate Chemistry abbreviations
DOS Density Of States Electronics abbreviations
DOS Declaration Of Support computing abbreviations and acronyms
DOS Date of Separation Military abbreviations
DOS Day Of Supply Military abbreviations
DOS Days Of Supply Military abbreviations
DOS Department of State Military abbreviations
DOS Deployed Operational State Military abbreviations
DOS Autodesk Comprehensive Education Solution software abbreviations and acronyms
DOS Dual Operating System software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to dos

  • DOC - Document
  • DG - Directional gyroscope
  • DHS - Department of Human Services (Iowa)
  • DSA - Disproportionate share adjustment
  • DSH - Disproportionate share hospital
  • DC - Doctor of Chiropractic
  • DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • D&C - Dilatation and curettage
  • DSC - Doctor of Surgical Chiropody
  • DAS - deep air support
  • DCA - défense contre avions (anti-aircraft)
  • DECA - digital electronic control assembly
  • DESO - Defence Export Sales Organisation (UK)
  • DHSS - data handling subsystem
  • DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency
  • DSO - Defence Sales Organisation
  • DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications System