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DOT: MeaningCategory
DOTDepartment of Transportationhealthcare
DOTDepartment of Transportation (U.S. federal or state)||Damage Over Time (common in World of Warcraft)Acronym
DOTDon Torcuato International Airport (closed)[Buenos Aires, Argentina]IATA Airport Code
DOTUnited States Department of Transportation (government)energy
DOTDepartment of Transport(ation)Community abbreviations
DOTDARE Officer TrainingEducational abbreviations
DOTDepartment Of TransportationEducational abbreviations
DOTDevelopment Opportunities TrainingEducational abbreviations
DOTDamage Over TimeMilitary abbreviations
DOTDictionary of Occupational TitlesMilitary abbreviations
DOTDelphi OpenGL Toolkitsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
DOTDepartment Of TechnologyUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dot

  • DUAT- Direct user access terminal
  • DoD- Department of Defense (US)
  • DTAT- Direction Technique des Armements Terrestres
  • DEAD- Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses
  • DITY- Do-It-Yourself
  • DoDD- U.S. Department of Defense Directive
  • DoDEA- (U.S.) Department of Defense Education Activity
  • DOTA- short-form for DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS a popular online epic game
  • DotD- Deal of the Day (marketing gimmick)
  • DTED- Digital Terrain Elevation Data ("dee-ted")
  • DAT- wellhead housing drill-ahead tool
  • DDET- depth determination log
  • DAD- Da Nang International Airport
  • DED- Dehradun Airport
  • DET- Coleman A. Young International Airport
  • DHD- Durham Downs Airport
  • DHT- Dalhart Municipal Airport