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DPMO: MeaningCategory
DPMO(U.S.) Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel OfficeAcronym
DPMODefects Per Million OpportunitiesMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dpmo

  • DPM- Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
  • DVM- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • DFM- Diesel Fuel Marine (F-76), standard Navy bunker fuel
  • DBM- De Bellis Multitudinis (miniature wargaming rules)||Detection By Movement (military target)
  • DEPAN- deposit analysis report
  • DBN- W. H. 'Bud' Barron Airport
  • DVN- Davenport Municipal Airport
  • DPMI- DOS Protected Mode Interface
  • DOVM- Diffuse Organic Vapor Monitor
  • DFMA- Design For Manufacturing and Assembly