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DPS Department of Public Safety healthcare
DPS Ngurah Rai International Airport [Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia] IATA Airport Code
DPS Deep Penetrating Solution Chemistry abbreviations
DPS Digital Pulse Sampling Electronics abbreviations
DPS Display Process Status Electronics abbreviations
DPS Double Pole Switch Electronics abbreviations
DPS Digital Playout System media abbreviations and acronyms
DPS Digital Production Studio media abbreviations and acronyms
DPS Double Page Spread media abbreviations and acronyms
DPS Damage Per Second Military abbreviations
DPS Data Processing Set Military abbreviations
DPS Data Processing System Military abbreviations
DPS Defence Policy Staff Military abbreviations
DPS Delivery Point Sequence Military abbreviations
DPS Digital Production System Military abbreviations
DPS Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society Non-Profit Organizations
DPS Digital Personal Studio software abbreviations and acronyms
DPS Daytona Pole Smokers sports abbreviations
DPS Distance Per Stroke sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dps

  • DABSW - Detroit Chapter of the National Association of Black Social Workers
  • DAFS - Document Attribute File Specification
  • DAFSC - Duty Air Force Specialty Code
  • DAPCO - Destiny And Purpose Community Outreach
  • DAPs - Downlink of aircraft parameters
  • DBBS - Digital Bass Boost System
  • DBC - dissolved black carbon
  • DBCC - Deaf-Blind Contact Center
  • DBCE - Desh Bhagat College of Education
  • DBCI - Double Bulk Current Injection
  • DBCS - Double Byte Character Set
  • DBG - DataBase Generation
  • DBHS - Diamond Bar High School
  • DBK - DayBreak
  • DBPC - Defense Business Practices Concept
  • DBQ - Dubuque Regional Airport
  • DBS - Direct Broadcast Services (television)
  • DBSA - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
  • DBSS - Diphone Based Speech Synthesis
  • dBZ - Decibels of equivalent reflectivity (Z)