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D.R.: Meaning Category
D.R. Decanus Ruralis ("Rural Dean") ecclesiastical
DR: Meaning Category
DR Dead Reckoning|| Dominican Republic (FIPS 10-4 country code)|| Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Acronym
DR dummy-run log oil&gas
DR drilling report oil&gas
DR dead reckoning aerospace
DR Demand response energy
DR Diabetic retinopathy optometric
DR dr stands for dear...{JUSTA MOMENTO!} de ed-itur de-zides de izzuez es managex es mitigatez deize des/zinez es directs distribution of dez-ignition dee-li-r-laightly: See 'addt'l INFO-BOX-BEELOW! Community abbreviations
DR Delayed Rectifier Electronics abbreviations
DR Design Rationale Electronics abbreviations
DR Differential Reflectometry Electronics abbreviations
DR Dual Range Electronics abbreviations
DR Dynamic Range Electronics abbreviations
DR Disaster Recovery computing abbreviations and acronyms
DR Danmarks Radio media abbreviations and acronyms
DR Delayed Remote media abbreviations and acronyms
DR Diary Room media abbreviations and acronyms
DR Damage Reduction Military abbreviations
DR Damage Report Military abbreviations
DR Damage Resistance Military abbreviations
DR Data Requirements Military abbreviations
DR Dead Reckoning Military abbreviations
DR Decoding Room Military abbreviations
DR Deep Running Military abbreviations
DR Defense Rating Military abbreviations
DR Detection Radar Military abbreviations
DR Digital Receiver Military abbreviations
DR Direct Reporting Military abbreviations
DR Disaster Relief Military abbreviations
DR Doctor Military abbreviations
DR Data Reduction software abbreviations and acronyms
DR Developer Release software abbreviations and acronyms
DR Development Release software abbreviations and acronyms
DR Deep Runner sports abbreviations
DR Die Roll sports abbreviations
DR Drag Racer sports abbreviations
DR Driving Range sports abbreviations
DR Dun Runnin sports abbreviations
DR Dorm Run University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dr

  • DRA - Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
  • DERA - Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK)
  • DOR - Date of Rank
  • DRU - Direct Reporting Unit
  • DDR - Radar Picket Destroyer
  • DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education
  • DARO - (U.S.) Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
  • DDR&E - (U.S.) Defense Department Research and Engineering
  • DHRA - (U.S.) DoD Human Resources Activity
  • DIR - Defence Industrial Research
  • DORA - Defence of the Realm Act
  • DREA - Defence Research Establishment Atlantic (obsolete 2002)
  • DRI - Detection, Recognition, Identification||Dietary Reference Intake