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DRC: MeaningCategory
DRCDemocratic Republic of the CongoAcronym
DRCDirico Airport[Dirico, Angola]IATA Airport Code
DRCDakota Recreational CentreCommunity abbreviations
DRCDancing Robot ContestCommunity abbreviations
DRCDispute Resolution CenterCommunity abbreviations
DRCDesign Rule CheckElectronics abbreviations
DRCDesign Rule Checkingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DRCDigital Reality Creationcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DRCData Reduction CenterMilitary abbreviations
DRCDirector of Reserve ComponentsMilitary abbreviations
DRCDocumentation Retention CenterMilitary abbreviations
DRCDirector and Regional ChairNon-Profit Organizations
DRCData Resource CentreUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to drc

  • DRG- Diagnosis-related group
  • DEERS- Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System
  • DEROS- Date Estimated Return from OverSeas
  • DRES- Defence Research Establishment Suffield (obsolete 2002)
  • DRIC- (U.S.) Defense Research Information Center
  • DARCI- Darci log
  • DIRS- directional survey log
  • DIRSU- directional survey report
  • DRJ- Drietabbetje Airport
  • DRK- Drake Bay Airport
  • DRS- Dresden Airport
  • DRCC- Demand Response Coordinating Council (coalition)
  • DRRC- Demand Response Research Center (California)
  • DARG- Dublin Abortion Rights Group
  • DRHS- Durham Riding Heating System
  • DRIS- Developing Rural Integrated Strategies
  • DRAC- Digital Ratio Analog Converter