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DREBDefensive rebounds. Used by ESPN. The NBA and Euroleague spell out the word "Rebounds" in their box scores and use subheadings for the different types. The NBA uses three-letter abbreviations, while Euroleague uses only the first lettersports

Abbreviations similar to dreb

  • DARPA- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (US)
  • DRB- Discipline Review Board
  • DREV- Defence Research Establishment Valcartier (obsolete 2002)
  • DRREP- drilling report
  • DIRBE- (instrumentation) Diffuse InfraRed Background Experiment, a multiwavelength infrared detector used to map dust emission
  • DARP- Drug Abuse Reporting Program
  • DDRB- Downtown Development Review Board
  • DRP- Dove Row Project
  • DRIVE- Dynamic Resolution Intensive Vector Enhancement
  • DROP- Distributed Radio Open Publishing
  • DERF- Defense Emergency Response Fund
  • DERP- Defense Environmental Restoration Program