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DSC: Meaning Category
DSC Doctor of Surgical Chiropody healthcare
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter Acronym
DSC Digital Selective Calling Acronym
DSC Digital Still Camera Acronym
DSC Distinguished Service Cross Acronym
DSC Doctor of Surgical Chiropody (obsolete) Acronym
DSC Document structure convention (PostScript programming) Acronym
DSC Dynamic Stability Control Acronym
DSC Dschang Airport [Dschang, Cameroon] IATA Airport Code
DSC Destination Saline Committee Community abbreviations
DSC Dubai Sport City Community abbreviations
DSC Direct Self Control Educational abbreviations
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry Electronics abbreviations
DSC Digital Signal Control Electronics abbreviations
DSC Direct Servo Control Electronics abbreviations
DSC Dynamic Squelch Control Electronics abbreviations
DSC Document Structure Convention media abbreviations and acronyms
DSC Document Structuring Conventions media abbreviations and acronyms
DSC Defensive Space Control Military abbreviations
DSC Dutch Sniper Clan Military abbreviations
DSC Debian Source Control software abbreviations and acronyms
DSC Dynamo Soccer Club sports abbreviations
DSC Data Service Core University abbreviations
DSC Data Structures Cookbook University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dsc

  • DOC - Document
  • DOS - Disk Operating System
  • DG - Directional gyroscope
  • DHS - Department of Human Services (Iowa)
  • DSA - Disproportionate share adjustment
  • DSH - Disproportionate share hospital
  • DC - Doctor of Chiropractic
  • DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • D&C - Dilatation and curettage
  • DAS - deep air support
  • DCA - défense contre avions (anti-aircraft)
  • DECA - digital electronic control assembly
  • DESO - Defence Export Sales Organisation (UK)
  • DHSS - data handling subsystem
  • DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency
  • DSO - Defence Sales Organisation
  • DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications System