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DSL: MeaningCategory
DSLDigital Subscriber LineAcronym
DSLdigital spectralog (Western Atlas)oil&gas
DSLDaru Airport[Daru, Sierra Leone]IATA Airport Code
DSLDomain-Specific Languagecomputing
DSLDedicated System Linecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DSLDirect Swift Linkcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DSLDomain Specific languagecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
DSLDisplay Switch Locator (SL) RoutingMilitary abbreviations
DSLDocument Summary ListMilitary abbreviations
DSLDomain Specific Languagesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
DSLDual Screen Litesoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to dsl

  • DASL- Datapoint's Advanced Systems Language
  • DCL- Disney Cruise Line
  • DCAL- dual caliper log
  • DWQL- dual-water quicklook log
  • DGL- Douglas Municipal Airport
  • DSSSL- Document Style Semantics and Specification Language
  • Doxol.- Doxologia ("Doxology" Breviary)
  • DCYL- Developing Capable Youth Leaders
  • DASSL- Differential Algebraic System Solver
  • DXL- Domino Xml Language
  • D-CELL- Deployment Cell
  • DACLO- Defense Ammunition Center Liaison Office
  • DECL- DECLassify
  • DISA-LO- Defense Information Systems Agency - Liaison Officer