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DTO: MeaningCategory
DTODisruptive Technology Office (was ARDA)Acronym
DTODivision Transportation OfficeMilitary abbreviations
DTODivision Transportation Office(r)Military abbreviations
DTODoomed To OblivionMilitary abbreviations
DTODrug Trafficking OrganizationMilitary abbreviations
DTOData Transport Objectsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to dto

  • DTD- Document Type Definition
  • DA- Drift angle
  • DH- Decision height
  • DEA- Drug enforcement administration
  • DD- Differential diagnosis
  • DO- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • D&E- Dilatation and evacuation
  • DAHA- dual-axis head assembly
  • DAO- double action only
  • DDA- Detroit Diesel Allison
  • DDU- digital display unit
  • DIA- Defense Intelligence Agency (US)
  • DTT- driver training tank
  • DU- depleted uranium
  • D- Day - The unnamed day on which an operation begins or is to begin
  • DOE- Date of Enlistment
  • DT- Development Team