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DVERDesign rule VERificationElectronics abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dver

  • DBR- De Bellis Renationis (miniature wargaming rules)
  • DBRA- Davis-Bacon Related Acts
  • DEFRA- (UK) Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • DIFAR- DIrectional Frequency Analysis and Recording
  • DPRE- Displaced Person or Refugee (plural Displaced Persons and Refugees) (originally Displaced Persons, Refugees, Evacuees)
  • DFR- drilling factual report
  • DIPAR- dipole acoustic report
  • DIPRE- dipmeter report
  • DVR- Daly River Airport
  • DVRR- Don Valley Refugee Resettlers
  • DPR- Digital Path Receiver
  • DVP&R- Design Verification Plan And Report
  • DABR- Data Address Breakpoint Register