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e: Meaning Category
e electronic computing abbreviations and acronyms
e-: Meaning Category
e- prefix meaning electronic computing abbreviations and acronyms
E: Meaning Category
E East Acronym
E Exploration oil&gas
E (celestial object) Eclipsing, a binary star system with variable brightness in which the stars eclipse each other astronomy
E error sports
E Edge Chemistry abbreviations
E Energy Chemistry abbreviations
E Experiment Chemistry abbreviations
E Engaged Community abbreviations
E Entries Community abbreviations
E Event Community abbreviations
E Ex- Community abbreviations
E Extinguish Community abbreviations
E Echo Educational abbreviations
E Educated Educational abbreviations
E Evaluate Educational abbreviations
E Evaluating Educational abbreviations
E Experience Educational abbreviations
E Earthed (electrically grounded) Electronics abbreviations
E Electromotive force, Volt Electronics abbreviations
E Electronic Electronics abbreviations
E Emitter Electronics abbreviations
E Equalizer Electronics abbreviations
E form E (break; make-before-make) contacts Electronics abbreviations
E Eastern media abbreviations and acronyms
E Edit media abbreviations and acronyms
E Edition media abbreviations and acronyms
E Elocution media abbreviations and acronyms
E Enlarge media abbreviations and acronyms
E Erotica media abbreviations and acronyms
E Evocative media abbreviations and acronyms
E Exposure media abbreviations and acronyms
E Easy (phonetic alphabet) Military abbreviations
E Eccentricity Military abbreviations
E Electronic warfare aircraft (Navy) Military abbreviations
E Enhanced Military abbreviations
E Enlisted Military abbreviations
E Ethics Military abbreviations
E Evac (Air Evacuation - Military aircraft designation) Military abbreviations
E Excellence award (Navy) Military abbreviations
E Total Probable Error Military abbreviations
E Unreliable source of intelligence Military abbreviations
E Environment software abbreviations and acronyms
E Endurance sports abbreviations
E Error sports abbreviations
E Encouragement University abbreviations
E Engineering University abbreviations
E English University abbreviations
E Excellent University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to e

  • 2E - Role 2 Enhanced
  • E1 - Echelon 1
  • E1520 - Propylene Glycol
  • E2 - Echelon 2
  • E2I - Exoatmoshperic/ Endoatmoshperic Interceptor
  • E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo
  • E3A - Electronic Environment Effects Analysis
  • E4 - Echelon 4
  • E5 - Echelon 5
  • E85 - E85 fuel: A fuel containing a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline
  • E95 - like E85 fuel but with less gasoline. A fuel containing a mixture of 95 percent ethanol and 5 percent gasoline
  • EA - Electronic Attack||Emotions Anonymous||Engagement Area||Electronic Arts||Enrolled Agent||Environmental Assessment||Enterprise Architect|| Exaampere
  • EAA - Eagle Airport
  • EAAE - (organization) European Association for Astronomy Education
  • EAE - Siwo Airport
  • EAI - Enterprise Application Integration
  • EAII - Elkhart Area Information Intergroup
  • EAO - European Audiovisual Observatory
  • EAU - Chippewa Valley Regional Airport
  • EAY - Effective Annual Yield