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EE: MeaningCategory
EEEstonia (ISO 3166 digram; from the country's native name of Eesti)Acronym
EEElectrical engineeringAcronym
EEElectrical EngineerAcronym
EEEnergy efficiencyenergy
EEEnantiomeric ExcessChemistry abbreviations
EEEther ExtractChemistry abbreviations
EEEnglish EssayEducational abbreviations
EEEnergy EfficiencyElectronics abbreviations
EEExpensive Editioncomputing abbreviations and acronyms
EEEasy Editormedia abbreviations and acronyms
EEEmergency EstablishmentMilitary abbreviations
EEExpected Errorsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
EEElectrical EngineeringUniversity abbreviations
ee: MeaningCategory
eeEwe language (ISO 639-1 code)Acronym

Abbreviations similar to e-e

  • EEE- Embrace
  • EU- European Union
  • EI- Engineering and Installation
  • EW- electronic warfare
  • EO- Equal Opportunity
  • EWO- Electronic Warfare Officer
  • EOOW- Engineering Officer of the Watch
  • E- East
  • EA- Electronic Attack||Emotions Anonymous||Engagement Area||Electronic Arts||Enrolled Agent||Environmental Assessment||Enterprise Architect|| Exaampere
  • E&E- Escape and Evasion (training)
  • EEO- Equal Employment Opportunity
  • EH- Exahenry||Western Sahara (ISO 3166 digram)
  • EHA- Emotional Health Anonymous
  • EIA- Environmental Impact Assessment
  • EIAH- Environnements Informatiques pour l'Apprentissage Humain