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EA: MeaningCategory
EAElectronic Attack||Emotions Anonymous||Engagement Area||Electronic Arts||Enrolled Agent||Environmental Assessment||Enterprise Architect|| ExaampereAcronym
EAExploration Assetoil&gas
EA(celestial object) Eclipsing Algol, a class of eclipsing binary stars named after Algol, the archetype for the classastronomy
EAEnvironmental assessment as in an Environmental impact assessmentenergy
EAEmulsion AggregationChemistry abbreviations
EAEpoxy AdhesiveChemistry abbreviations
EAEthyl AcetateChemistry abbreviations
EAEuropean to AmericanCommunity abbreviations
EAEasily AverageEducational abbreviations
EAEgregious AttitudeEducational abbreviations
EAEver Aftermedia abbreviations and acronyms
EAEconomic AnalysesMilitary abbreviations
EAElectronic AttackMilitary abbreviations
EAEmergency ActionMilitary abbreviations
EAEmergency ActionsMilitary abbreviations
EAEngineering AnalysisMilitary abbreviations
EAEnvironmental AssessmentMilitary abbreviations
EAEvaluation AgentMilitary abbreviations
EAEvolutionary AcquisitionMilitary abbreviations
EAExecutive AgentMilitary abbreviations
EAExecutive Assistant Ea EachMilitary abbreviations
EAExtreme AssassinsMilitary abbreviations
EAEducate America!Non-Profit Organizations
EAEndometriosis AssociationNon-Profit Organizations
EAEasy Arcadesports abbreviations
EAElite Athletesports abbreviations
EAExpanded AcademicUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ea

  • EEE- Embrace
  • EU- European Union
  • EI- Engineering and Installation
  • EW- electronic warfare
  • EO- Equal Opportunity
  • EWO- Electronic Warfare Officer
  • EOOW- Engineering Officer of the Watch
  • E- East
  • ee- Ewe language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • E&E- Escape and Evasion (training)
  • EEO- Equal Employment Opportunity
  • EH- Exahenry||Western Sahara (ISO 3166 digram)
  • EHA- Emotional Health Anonymous