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EC European Commission Open Standards
EC Enhanced Carbine military
EC Electoral Commission ghana
EC Ecuador (ISO 3166 digram; FIPS 10-4 country code) Acronym
EC Electronic Combat Acronym
EC European Community (see EEC) Acronym
EC Exacoulomb Acronym
EC (celestial object) Embedded Cluster, a star cluster that is partially or fully embedded in interstellar gas or dust astronomy
EC Electron Capture Chemistry abbreviations
EC Ethyl Carbonate Chemistry abbreviations
EC Early Childhood Community abbreviations
EC Eastisde Connection Community abbreviations
EC Entitlement Card Community abbreviations
EC Electronic Classroom Educational abbreviations
EC Exceptional Children Educational abbreviations
EC Electro-Conductivity Electronics abbreviations
EC Electronic Chart Electronics abbreviations
EC Electronic Communications Electronics abbreviations
EC Embedded Controller Electronics abbreviations
EC Engineering Change Electronics abbreviations
EC Equipment Controller Electronics abbreviations
EC Elimination Communication Military abbreviations
EC Embedded Computer Military abbreviations
EC Enemy Capability Military abbreviations
EC Enemy Combatant Military abbreviations
EC Entry Course Military abbreviations
EC Error Control Military abbreviations
EC Exterior Command Military abbreviations
EC Executive Committee Non-Profit Organizations
EC Electronic Control software abbreviations and acronyms
EC Endurocross sports abbreviations
EC Education Code University abbreviations
EC Engineering Center University abbreviations
EC Engineering Chemistry University abbreviations
EC English Composition University abbreviations
EC Excelsior College University abbreviations
EC Extra Credit University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ec

  • EEC - Electronic Engine Control
  • EHS - Enhanced surveillance
  • EHSI - Electronic horizontal situation indicator
  • EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • EOC - Episode of care … also Emergency operations center... also Explanation of coverage
  • ECU - Environmental control unit
  • EEG - Electroencephalogram
  • ECC - Emergency coordination center
  • EAAK - Enhanced Appliqué Armor Kit (US)
  • EAOS - Enhanced Artillery Observation System
  • ECS - Environmental Control Subsystem
  • EG - External Gun
  • EIS - Engineering and Installation Squadron
  • ES - Extreme Spread
  • EWK - Eisenwerke Kaiserslautern Gцppner
  • EWS - external weapon station
  • EGI - Embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation