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ECP: Meaning Category
ECP External Casing Packer oil&gas
ECP Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport [Panama City, Florida, United States] IATA Airport Code
ECP Early Childhood Program Educational abbreviations
ECP Elementary Challenge Program Educational abbreviations
ECP Electron Channeling Pattern Electronics abbreviations
ECP Electronic (battery) Cell Protection Electronics abbreviations
ECP Engineering Change Proposal Electronics abbreviations
ECP End Credits Promotion media abbreviations and acronyms
ECP Early Commissioning Program Military abbreviations
ECP Emergency Command Precedence Military abbreviations
ECP Entry Control Point Military abbreviations
ECP Event Control Panel Military abbreviations
ECP Exercise Control Plan Military abbreviations
ECP Extended Capabilities Port Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ecp

  • e-GIF - e-Government Interoperability Framework
  • ECF - Extended care facility
  • ESF - Emergency support functions
  • ESF06 - Mass care emergency support function
  • ESF08 - Health and medical services support function
  • ECV - Enhanced Capacity Vehicle
  • ESAF - Electronic Safety and Arm Function
  • ECB - England (and Wales) Cricket Board
  • EGP - Egyptian pound (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • ESP - Electronic Stability Program
  • ESV - Engineer Support Vehicle
  • EZSV - EZSV Log
  • EGV - Eagle River Union Airport
  • EKB - Ekibastuz Airport
  • ESB - Esenboğa International Airport